Graduate Program

Internship Program

The program.

At the Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute, in order to introduce the field of tumor biology to the excellent undergraduate students and provide them with an opportunity for accumulating the research experiences, the intern program has been managed 2 times in every year.

The application and the benefits.

  • The time period as an intern: Carried out for 7 weeks in the summer and the winter (2 times a year).
  • The application qualifications: A person who is in the junior year or the senior year at a 4-year system university or a graduate (The major is unrelated).
  • The recruited personnel: Around 30 persons (The allocation of 1 advisory professor per 1 intern researcher).
  • The time period of the receipt: Refer to the notice in the homepage of the cancer research institute.
  • The request documents: Received through e-mail (
    - 1 copy of the written application (Form download:
    - 1 copy of the transcript (Submit a scanned file).
  • Inquiries: The Administration Office of the Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute. ☎ 02-3668-7009
    ※ ※Regarding the contents of the research that are carried out by each advisory professor and the profile of the advisory professor, please refer to the homepage ( ) of the Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute.