The functions of the executive departments.
  • The Planning Department: The long-term and short-term plans of the SNU CRI, the joint researches with the businesses, and the work regarding the various kinds of the PR.
  • The Academic Department: The work regarding the academic events, the materials management, the rewarding, etc.
  • The Education Department: The work regarding the education of the cancer researchers and the graduate school cooperation programs (‘Interdisciplinary Cancer Biology Graduate Course’).
  • The Research Department: The cause, the prevention, and the diagnosis of cancer. The work regarding the research in relation to the medical treatment, the research cost, etc.
  • The Research Support Department: The work regarding the joint devices, the research facilities, and the radioactive isotopes.
  • The External Cooperation Department: The work regarding the conclusions of the MOU’s externally and regarding the advices.
  • The Administration Office: The general affairs, the accounting, the security, and the other administrative matters.