Graduate Program


The greetings by the Head of Department.

Thank you for visiting the homepage of the Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute.

In our society, together with the improvement of the quality of life and the increase of the average lifespan resulting from the development of the economy and medicine, the increases of the various kinds of the chronic illnesses and the rate of occurrence of cancer resulting from the lowering of the birth rate and the aging of the population have been coexisting at the same time. Also, thanks to the development of medicine and the medical technologies, while the method of medically treating cancer has been developing, the national management regarding the cancer survivors who have been increasing has been carved in relief importantly medically, economically, and socially.

In order for the diagnosis and the medical treatment of cancer that take place at a hospital to develop even more, the many special characteristics of cancer must be investigated. In addition, a research that develops a new diagnosis and medical treatment method that use these must precede. The cultivation of the professional research manpower, who are the most important in carrying out a research regarding cancer, is one of the most important functions of a research institute. In order to make the education and the research field of the Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute grow to become globally super-first class, I will emphatically push ahead with the following few matters.


The preparation of a base for the world’s top cancer research institute.

I will prepare a base so that the Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute can become the world’s top cancer research institute. In order to enable the excellent research staff to carry out the even more excellent research, the cooperation relationship between the university and the hospital will be strengthened. And the support shall not be spared. And the high-level research climate shall be strengthened. I will exert the strength in order to create a productive and future-oriented research institute culture.


The new establishment of a customized, educational program.

The Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute, also, intends to faithfully play the role as a public interest institute. For this, by newly establishing an individualized educational program with the cancer researchers, the ordinary people, and the cancer patients as the subjects, I will prepare a plan for delivering the accurate information that is needed by the citizens through an effective method.


The cultivation of the research capability on the global level.

For the raising of the status that behooves a cancer research institute on the global level, I will exert the strength on the expansion of the research fund and the finance. At the same time as this, I will concentrate for the creation of an environment that is needed in invigorating the industry-academia-research joint researches and in cultivating the research capability.